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Jacqueline Knight

Owner, Chief Product Officer


New York native, Jacqueline Knight, owner of Sweet Pearlz Cheesecakes, discovered her passion for baking gourmet cheesecakes in 2012. After accepting an early retirement and their youngest of four children beginning school, she knew it was time to get back into the workforce-but needed to have flexibility. At the time she didn’t know what that career would look like.

A prayer and a simple answer from God “Use Your Hands” started her on her journey.


For many years she watched her grandmother, Anna Pearl bake pies and she loved every bit of it. It was obvious that if she was going to bake, it had to be cheesecake…Jacqueline’s family favorite. While working in the kitchen alongside her husband William, aka The Sauce Man, they both took a particular delight in creating and combining liqueur infused and fresh fruit sauces to top their cheesecakes. After a year of testing, tastings of her cheesecakes and a thumbs up from everyone, she decided it was time to launch Sweet Pearlz Cheesecakes.


She specializes in classic, vegan and gluten-free cheesecakes that come in bite-size, individual, 6" and 9″.

Her cheesecakes and ‘naked’ wedding cakes has been featured in several publications and blogs.

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